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Discovering Damask

I've been busy this month with several custom orders for some lovely people and managed t do a few things to sell. The huge grey Old charm sideboard found a new home along with the huge white oak sideboard.

I did this big set of drawers in General Finishes driftwood *drooling* and used a Spoonflower print to jazz up the top two drawers. Love love love this print! For sale in my shop..


I did these gorgeous little stools in Paris Grey dipped in gold for my client for bedside cute!


This dresser! Amazing!! I picked it up a couple of weeks ago from a gorgeous antiques shop not far from me. I did it in Seagull grey by GF and used their beeswax for the first time and wow is it smooth or what! I only had to rub a bit on with a cloth then after a few minutes buff it with another lint free cloth and it has left it super smooth. For sale in my shop.


I think that the best pieces are the pieces with no plan. These have been sitting in the pile for a long time until I decided to paint them as one piece together and it's worked out great. I painted them in Fusion Mineral Paint in 'damask' which is an amazing, soft pink, and reupholstered the chair in this black and white striped fabric. I would love one of these myself. For sale in the shop.


I have some exciting news! From next week I'll be reducing my hours at work. I'm currently at 30 hours (4 days) so I'll be doing 22.5 hours (3 days). I need more snuggle on the sofa time, more bedtime reading time, more sitting down to eat time and more days to the park time. It gives me the chance to (try to) balance my career with my hobby and to paint beautiful pieces with less of the guilt!

Have a nice week!

-Alice xo

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