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This week + a wardrobe.

What a busy week I've just had! I was working during the week but had a four day weekend (my rest days were planned well ;)) so I had time to get 5 pieces done and catch up on that huge ironing mountain that I said I would do the week before... painting is so much more fun 🙄

I spring cleaned the house too which has removed the guilt I had been feeling by spending a lot of time painting. I also got to clear out my workshop (currently our front room until we move house) as I've sold a lot recently ready to stock up on more beautiful things!

Here is a pretty little hall table I did. I tried out MMS milk paint in shutter grey.. it looks more blue than grey but hey I still love it! 

I was a hemp oil virgin before that day! It is amazing, it made it so smooth and clean looking after I had applied it, I was able to rub it on with a cloth (a little goes a long way), let it sit for 30 mins and wipe off the excess. I have used it on every piece I've done since!

I went semi-chippy on this because its such a dainty little piece I didn't want it too worn. I sanded down the finish prior to applying the hemp oil which helped with the smoothness ;) 


The next one I've been working on is a little cabinet I had bought for my nana for her sowing accessories. She said she needed a little drawer next to her chair to store all her little goodies while she works, so i found this and bought it. I painted it Paloma and showed it to her, but she said she needed something with drawers rather than a cupboard. So it sat in my storage for 5 weeks while I lost inspiration for it... 

I took the door off and painted it Aubusson blue and an off-white inside. I used chalk paint and wax on this to get the imperfect texture to it and the washed look and I love it!! It's such a great little cabinet and would look cute next to a bed as a side table or in a bathroom!

I like to mix up what kind of paint I use depending on what finish and look I want to achieve - I love Annie's colour palette. 


I got to finish this wooden arm chair this week after it had been sitting in my storage for weeks I really couldn't decide on a colour. I found some inspiration on Pinterest (my go-to place when I feel uninspired) with black and white.

I used General Finishes Lamp Black on her and I love how the wood seeps through on this one. Who would have thought brown and black go so well together??

I ordered the fabric online and loved it even more when I changed the seat cover. I didn't even distress this one bit which isn't like me, but I wanted to go for the modern, clean look on this chair and I love to mix it up, it deserves to be untouched 😏 my MIL told me how much she loved this the other day, she actually told me she saw it in the shop on the same day I bought it, went home to measure her space to see if it would fit, went back to buy it and it had gone (to me!) she needs to be quicker next time ... great minds and all of that 😏😏 anyway it's in my shop for sale! 


The. Huge. Wardrobe.

So I had this delivered and I got started almost straight away (mainly because of how much room it's taking up) but also I've never painted a wardrobe so I was excitied to see how it would turn out!

I used MMS on this one too, with hemp oil to shine and smooth! I love the bowed front on this and the French theme it has. 

I painted the two panels at the front just slightly lighter than the rest of the piece to keep it a calm and classic piece. It's listed in my shop!


I got to finish a custom piece for my aunt this week. She gave me a beautiful set of drawers on castors to work on which she had bought when her & my uncle first married 20 years ago from a local furniture shop.

The drawers were stiff and one of the handles had broken on it so she said 'do what you want with it, just keep it light' so first I mixed up a pale green for it and then changed my mind and wanted to experiment. 

I'd seen pics on Pintrest (of course) of lined painting so gave it a go! I'll be doing this a lot more it was so fun and she loves it! I updated her with some new pretty knobs and some cute drawer liners. I used country Grey and Old Ochre chalk paint for this which compliment each other well.

Have a lovely week & I'll try and post next week on what else I've been up to!

Alice x

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