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How I used Fusion Mineral paint to transform this piece!

I’m going to show you how I transformed this gorgeous French buffet makeover using Fusion Mineral Paint and how easy it is!

What you’ll need:

  • Sandpaper (150-250 grit)

  • Paintbrush

  • Fusion Mineral Paint

  • Foam brush or damp cloth

  • Sugar soap cleaner

Step one - cleaning

Thoroughly clean your piece using sugar soap. You can buy it in spray bottles from b&q or, if you are lazy like me, they come in wipes! Give your whole piece a good clean as they have years of dirt, grease and dust all over them!

Step two - sanding

Sanding gets the surface prepared so the paint can adhere properly so this step is important. I usually use a 150-220 grit sandpaper. On this particular piece I actually had to scrape off the varnish on the top of the piece with a scraper as it was literally flaking off (and into my eye!!) - note to self - wear safety goggles!

Step three - more cleaning

I know, more cleaning! But I usually just get the dust attachment on the hoover and clean away all dust (don’t use the other plastic attachment on hoover as it may mark the piece) and then wipe down with a damp cloth to ensure it is dust free!

Step four - painting!

Now the fun. Apply a thin layer with even strokes to your piece, being sure to brush off any excess paint from your brush into the pot before applying.

Note - I usually use a zibra brush (they are amazing!) or a fusion flat brush. These give me a smoother finish on my pieces than other brushes for this look.

For this piece I had to apply two coats which is what I typically need for darker pieces, so once you are happy with your coverage you can begin to varnish if you wish! As fusion has a built in top coat you could stop here but if you want to give it extra protection, read on! I added a country walnut stain from cauldron for this piece on the lower part.

Step five - top coat

There are a few ways to apply the top coat and everyone is different. However I like to use either a foam brush or a damp cloth with mine. I squirt a small amount of top coat onto my piece, working in small sections, and gently rub it from one side to the other, not going back over it until fully dry. I repeat until the whole piece is covered and if I need to, apply a second coat.

There you go! I love working with Fusion’s paint and their colours are timeless - my favourites are Ash, Casement, Inglenook and Damask!

Let me know by commenting below if you try Fusion and what you think of it!

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