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A white and blue feel...

I had another week full of furniture craziness starting with this huge unit which I started last week... I picked it up for a bargain and it was full of old thick varnish. It previously had 4 cupboards but as you can see I took off the doors on each end of this for pretty storage space. I feel like you keep your things a lot tidier if it's all on show anyway so it's a good excuse to keep it clean! I painted it in a rustoleum chalk paint which is just an off-white and I lightly distressed edges (and there was a lot of them on this). I just love those little pointed feet! 😻

I love these Ikea baskets - are they supposed to be used for plants?? I have no idea but it works 😉 I love the earthy plant look in houses - I wish I could keep real plants alive long enough to enjoy them - I'm no good in the plant department I usually just buy fake and save myself the heartache.

I sanded down the top of the piece using my electric sander and stained it with wood oil but I wasn't feeling it and needed it darker so I custom mixed a general finishes lamp black and outback brown to create a really dark brown wooden look with a few lighter brown brush strokes for added texture.

I sealed it all with hemp oil and super shininess for protection. And the cup pulls are back on this piece I love how the handles completely change a piece! This one sold a few days after I listed it.


How adorable are these drawers! One of them had a mirror on the top which wasn't that appealing so that came off with a few screws.. they are little retro drawers with shiny gold handles. I love the feet on them.

They were done in GF coastal blue. I love this blue. When I first used it on this piece it was so bright I was like ' doesn't look like this on other people's pieces' but it soon dried darker and richer ... phewwwww... I popped in some pretty little drawer liners and they were good to go.. I think if they don't sell I'm keeping them for masons bedroom in the next house they are dreamy!


My OH bought me this drinks hutch back from a car boot sale I was so chuffed. Boy did good!

I literally don't think I got my hands on a piece quicker than this I couldn't wait!! I used F&B wood primer and James White on this for a crisp clean white.

I used a really flat piece of sandpaper because I had ran out of it and wasn't going to sleep until it was finished 😳 but I love the way it distressed and bought out the details!

It actually is a Drinks Cabinet with two shelves on the inside of each door, a mirrored back and shelves on the inside right of the piece to stock up on the G&T's 😋. This beaut is for sale!


I got my hands on this pretty soon because I knew straight away what I wanted to do with it!

Ok I know it looks black but it's not!! It's Coastal blue again!! And it looks pretty shiny because I hadn't rubbed off the excess hemp oil. I had stuff to do so I couldn't wait to take the pic ;) I use paint and varnish remover to strip the top which was so satisfying to do. It's easier than using the sander on it and potentially damaging the wood so it's good to go.. this is for sale in my shop!


I've been doing a lot of 11pm painting this week trying to juggle the mom/work life balance. I'll get it one day. Maybe? I'm enjoying painting for now and working with people on their homes - the wardrobe has found a new home to a client who I'll be working with finding pieces for her newly renovated home so keep tuned on what we find!

- Alice x

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