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MK Handmade and Vintage

Hello! I've had some time away in the sun this week with my girls ☀️ it was nice to have a break but I'm back on it now as I have some really busy weeks coming up! This was a cute little cafe in Las Americas with some beautiful pieces of furniture...


I had this gorgeous over mantle mirror and sprayed it gold for one of my clients. I used rustoleum's metallic gold spray and I have to say it went on like a dream, if you follow the instructions and spray it not too closely it will spray on evenly with no patches.


This chunky statement Sideboard is perfect as it is... I don't normally have things in such good condition but this is perfect and has sold as this!


I have loads of commission pieces to get done and I have been selected to be an exhibitor and MK Handmade and Vintage fair in Milton Keynes next month June 10-11 and I am so excitied! I have never done a market before so I'm looking forward to the weekend and meeting everyone there! ☺️

It is a whole weekend of a huge, indoor fair with a mix of unusual, authentic, vintage hand-crafted items from jewellery to furniture and a whole 128 exhibitors of it! It was founded in 2010 and has been so successful since that they run 4 events a year.

I'm going to be busy getting loads ready to sell for next month in MK so prioritising and planning will be taking over me now!

Also we got the keys to our new home on Monday and have already met with the architect on our plans for it! It's an end of terraced Victorian house which we'll be doing work to - I'll take some photos of it and post them on here next week and I'll keep you posted with its transformation! Exciting times ahead ☺️

Alice x

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