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Strippin' and stripin'

It's been a few weeks since I last posted because I've been soooo busy! I'm preparing for the market this weekend...yes this weekend!! How quickly has it come around?! So I'm still painting and shifting furniture around like a mad woman but so excited to see how it goes!

How pretty are they!! I got the gorgeous fabric from a small local shop that my Nan has been going to for years and years so why not! There are hundreds to choose from in there but I'm a plain Jayne and Iike the simple farmhouse look with soft furnishings 😋 I made these mainly to dress up my stall and also for people who don't want/need any furniture to still have a chance to take something away next week!


I finished up this adorable farmhouse glass hutch this week. I used MMS (fave!!) in 'Mora' and hemp oil. I stripped the top off as you know I love the stripping!


I also dropped off 3 pieces to a lovely client this week and asked her to take some photos in her gorgeous house for me and wow 😳

I used General Finishes Antique white for the table and sprayed the feet gold, Rustoleum Graphite on the cabinet and ASCP pure for the interior. Loved doing these pieces and don't they just look gorgeous in her home!


I finally got myself an MMS stencil and it is so pretty! I finished this little number in AS Duck egg and used the stencil and some new handles from TK Maxx and I am so excited to take this with me on Saturday! I haven't been using ASCP much recently because of how much I fell in love with milk paint, but when I do use her colours I appreciate the boldness which pushes me out of my neutral comfort zone!


I bought an Edwardian dresser recently (because you can never have too many...) and I stripped off the top and painted the body in Seagull grey by General Finishes. Oh how I love this paint! Never fails to amaze me with how smoothly it goes on and how professional the finish is. I really need to do a bulk order with them because I'm getting through so much of their paint!


I ordered some Fusion Mineral Paint this week and I can not wait to try it!! I also had one of their brushes and it is amazing! I've never had so much control when painting when using this little brush...I need more! I bought 'Damask', 'Midnight Blue' and 'Casement' and I have some beautiful drawers that would look perfect in the midnight out for them!


And this buffet! I got it off eBay and sent the OH to pick it up ... :))) I wanted to do something I wouldn't normally do so I put down the grey and picked up three tins of ASCP. I mixed Greek Blue, Old Ochre and Paloma (I know but i felt crazy this night) and I was so happy how it turned out. :)

Wish me luck for this weekend!

-Alice Xo

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